Mattress, Topper, Pillow… All Things You Need for a Bedding Set

What do you need for your bed? What are important products you need to shop for bed? What you need on your bed to have a better sleep?

Choosing a bed for your house from millions of models out there might be difficult but it’s still not the end of the mission. We can’t simply lie down and hope the bed will provide comfort or support. Most of the luxury feel only comes from the bedding systems.


Products for a complete bedding set

Basically, each sleeper will need:

  • A high-quality mattress
  • A fitted cotton sheet
  • A pillow
  • A duvet
  • A sham

If you are willing to spend more on your bed, there are optional but highly recommended items:

  • A mattress topper
  • A pillow protector cover
  • A cotton flat sheet
  • A throw pillow
  • A throw blanket

Why are there so many things to purchase? How do you use them? Let’s move onto the next section.

The Foundation

The mattress

It’s essential if you want to have a nice sleep. Perhaps, you will need to do some research before paying for a mattress because the expenditure won’t be small. In general, a stomach sleeper should get a firm mattress that can keep their body alignment proper, and a side sleeper needs something softer to relieve their body from pressure.


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The mattress topper

We wouldn’t want to leave the expensive mattress exposed to the risks from allergens, dust mites, and other accidents. Not only that but it also enhances your sleep experience.

We recommend a memory foam topper. It will give you warmth during winter and great temperature regulation in summer, thanks to the innovation in the material technology.

You can read more about topper and many more mattress topper reviews on The Best Mattress Topper

The supplementary layer

The fitted sheet

How to use it? Each corner of the sheet has an elastic strap, and you need to put it over the corresponding of the mattress and the topper.

Should you invest in something costly? For sure! We all want our bed to feel good and look good, hence, this top layer must be the best you can get!

If you decide to take our advice into consideration, here are some tips:

  • Material: Cotton is our best friend. Even though there are various types of cotton, simply choose the 100% extra-long-staple cotton. It’s much more breathable than linen, bamboo, and other materials.
  • Thread count: Maybe this index is not familiar with you, but you only need to know the range between 300 – 400 will promise a durable sheet. The high thread count usually means the manufacture has a special style of weaving.

The flat sheet

This item is totally optional. To have it neat-looking, you will need to fixate the corners and tuck the folded hem under the pillows. Don’t forget that the finished side has to face down!

The duvet and the duvet cover

duvet and duvet coverA duvet is a luxurious quilt filled with feathers or equally high-quality fabrics. It’s commonly known as ‘comforter’. It will give you the soft, fluffy feeling without making you sweat in your sleep.

You might be wondering why we are recommending this combo when you can have it 2-in-1. Because the separate duvet is usually much thicker, and washing it might be a challenge. The cover will improve the warm feeling and protect the thick duvet from dust and dirt. If there’s a removable cover for anything, you should definitely get it! It makes cleaning and styling much easier.

The pillow

A nice pillow will complete the stylish look of the bedroom. Most of us will try to match the pillow with the duvet cover give the set a beautiful touch with the shams and the throw pillows. And, as we have mentioned above, a pillow cover will be a smart investment.

For a small notice, you would love to find a good pillow. The item serves as a support under your head, and who wants to wake up with a headache?

Final verdict

It surely a good load of tasks if you want to have a perfect bed to rest on. But coming home to a comfy bed feels better than anything else, don’t you agree? As our sleep takes approximately 8 hours, we practically spend a third of our lives in bed, so why not choose wisely and indulge ourselves in the best bedding products that you can afford?

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