The A.Gold lunch menu

This is our menu. Every day we make all our sandwiches to order, with the finest fillings, on bread from award-winning breadmakers. Our salads are freshly made each morning.

You can pre-order your sandwich, salad box or dish of the day and beat the queue. Please phone 020 7247 2487 before 11.30am with your order.

This week, we're cooking:

You can choose the daily special as a sandwich or as a salad box:

Monday special: roast Gressingham duck, date and tamarind chutney and watercress. Dish of the day: chicken tagine & couscous.

Tuesday special: homemade fish-fingers, tartare sauce & watercress. Dish of the day: spaghetti and meatballs.

Wednesday special: roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing. Dish of the day: smoked cod kedgeree with mango & ginger chutney.

Thursday special: pulled pork, mustard and spicy coleslaw. Dish of the day: buttermilk fried chicken and spring slaw.

Friday special: grilled chicken breast, homemade mayonnaise and rocket. Dish of the day: homemade chilli con carne with rice & sour cream.

A.Gold salad bar A.Gold menu

Menu & prices are subject to change. Prices include VAT.

A.Gold menu
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