Christmas 2015 at A.Gold

A.Gold shop and deli, Spitalfields - Christmas

A.Gold is packed full of traditional, nostalgic and delicious things for Christmas.

This is a selection of our fresh goods which will be available in the shop and to order this year.

Our Products page has details of some of the packaged items on our shelves. There are also plenty more seasonal products, so nothing beats popping in. We hope to see you soon and wish you a very happy and hearty Christmas!

We wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

New Year opening times:
New Year's Day - closed
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd January - 12-5pm
Monday 4th January - open as usual 10-4pm

See below for ordering information

Mince pies

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Homemade Christmas mince pies

Mince Pies Home-made and often in the shop still warm from the oven. Rich and spicy, generously filled and with a buttery shortcrust pastry, A.Gold mince pies are just the thing to pass round at Christmas. Grab one to go for £1.60 or a dozen for £18.00. We're happy to take larger orders for parties.

British Farm Cheeses

A carefully selected range of classic UK farm cheeses, available from Wednesday 16th December.

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Stilton cheese - ceramic jar

Fine Cheese Company Stilton The finest Stilton is produced by the gentle hand-ladling of the curds. This practice dates back to the 18th century when Stilton was first made. Today it still produces cheese that is rich and creamy, with a deep and complex flavour. The finest Stilton deserves a lovely pot - and artist John Broadley drew this country scene, in keeping with 18th century blue and white china. One of the UK's finest Stiltons and one that should grace every Christmas table.
Pasteurised cow's milk / non-veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Fine Cheese Company cheddar

Fine Cheese Company Cheddar A mature, full flavoured Cheddar, hand-made using milk from Dorset farms. It has a creamy texture and a tangy bite. Presented in burgundy wax.
Pasteurised cows milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Cornish Yarg cheese

Cornish Yarg Nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg, made from pasteurised cows' milk, is a young, fresh lemony cheese, creamy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core.
Pasteurised cows milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Shropshire Blue cheese

Shropshire Blue A soft cheese with a strong flavor and a slightly tangy aroma. It is slightly sharper than Stilton and generally creamier with a deep orange-brown, natural rind. Wonderful accompanied by good English brown ale or a rich fortified wine.
Pasteurised cows milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Eve goats cheese

Eve A little beauty of a cheese - this small and meltingly soft goats' cheese is washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and then wrapped in vine leaves. Cheese-maker Pete Humphries drew on the character of the French Epoisses in devising the cheese.
Un-pasteurised goats milk / non-veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Spenwood ewes milk cheese

Spenwood A hard-pressed cheese, fully matured for six months with a natural rind. It has a well-developed nutty flavour but kept longer it becomes harder and more piquant. A great alternative to Parmesan.
Pasteurised ewes milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Cornish Brie cheese

Cornish Brie Cornish Brie has a delicious mild and creamy flavour with a melting, smooth texture. The rich and creamy Cornish milk gives it a characteristic yellow, buttery colour.
Pasteurised cow's milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Ticklemore goats cheese

Ticklemore A light, delicate goats cheese. The taste is mild, fresh and sweet with a subtle lemony taste. It has a moist, yet crumbly texture.
Pasteurised goats milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Stinking Bishop cheese

Stinking Bishop Rind washed in Perry (pear cider) this wonderfully pungent cheese tastes of fruity alcohol. It can vary from springy and firm to a gorgeous runny paste.
Pasteurised cows milk / veg rennet

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Black Bomber cheese

Black Bomber cheddar A smooth and crumbly easy-eating cheddar. Strong but also sweet with a fruity finish. Perfect with all types of pickles and chutneys.
Snowdonia, Wales
Pasteurised cow's milk / veg rennet
by weight or mini-truckles 200g

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Red Devil cheese

Red Devil This Red Leicester cheese with chillies & crushed pepper will spice up your cheeseboard. Red Devil packs a punch but is smooth and deep flavoured. Wonderful melted on toast or added to any recipe for extra zing.
Snowdonia, Wales
Pasteurised cow's milk / veg rennet
mini-truckles 200g

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Ruby Mist cheese

Ruby Mist An indulgent cheese - smooth, rich mature cheddar laced with port and brandy.
Pasteurised cow's milk / veg rennet
mini-truckles 200g

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Red Storm cheese

Red Storm Punchy, flavoursome and creamy, the latest cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company redefines a Red Leicester, with an intense depth of flavour.
Pasteurised cow's milk / veg rennet
mini-truckles 200g


A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Alderton Ham

Alderton Ham Made on a small scale by a family in Nottinghamshire with fresh English legs of ham, steamed and baked on the bone with an old fashioned marmalade glaze. No water or colouring is added and the hams arrive ready to carve. Ideal for special occasions. We can't praise it highly enough.
Half ham on the bone - min 2.75kg - serves 15 - £49.95
Half ham off the bone - min 2kg - serves 15 - £52.50
Whole ham on the bone - min 5.5kg - serves 20-25 - £89.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - honey roast ham

Honey Roast Ham For five generations family firm Bearfields of London have been producing premium hams. We use their excellent honey-roast ham in our sandwiches and love its balanced, sweet flavour and excellent texture.
Sliced per 100g - £2.20
Half ham off the bone - min 2.5kg - serves 15-20 - £40.00
Whole ham off the bone - min 5kg - serves 20-25 - £60.00

Pies & Parfaits

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Game Pie

Festive Game Pie This is a delicious pie for a family buffet or special occasion. Boxing Day would be perfect. A combination of pheasant, pork, pigeon, chicken liver, prunes, cinnamon, ginger and Armagnac. Pretty too, with a festive topping of bright red cranberries.
500g - serves 2-4 - £13.95
1.5kg Celebration - Serves 10-12 - £48.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Gourmet Pork Pie

Suffolk Pork Pie The perfect pie for a cold lunch or starter. The pork is from free-range pigs reared in Blythburgh, Suffolk; the pastry is crisp and the seasoning perfect.
Individual 4 X 150g each - serves 4 - £16.95
500g - serves 2-4 - £9.95
2.5kg Celebration - serves 15-20 - £49.50

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Mrs Kings Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

Mrs King's Melton Mowbray Pork Pies The recipe dates back to 1853. Delicious then and delicious now, these classic Melton Mowbray pork pies are made from the finest cuts of British pork. They have a rich golden pastry with a characteristic belly shape. Inside succulent coarse-cut uncured pork with a peppery aftertaste is surrounded by a soft jelly stock.
300g - serves 1-2 - £4.95
500g - serves 3-4 - £7.50

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Chicken Liver and Brandy Parfait

Chicken Liver and Brandy Parfait Smooth, rich and melt-in-the-mouth this pate is perfect served with crisp toast, crispbread or oatcakes.
225g jar - serves 3-5 - £8.95

Smoked Salmon & fish

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Smoked salmon

Smoked Salmon - London Cure We use this delicious salmon in our sandwiches. Harry Forman, H Forman's founder, devised the 'London Cure' to show off the quality of his salmon rather than cloud it in smoke. Low in salt and generously sliced, this is delicate and softly smoky.
Hand sliced - 200g serves 3-4 - £9.95
Hand-sliced - 400g serves 6-8 - £18.95
Hand-sliced side - 900g serves 10-12 - £39.95

Genuine Wild Smoked Salmon Wild salmon has extra flavour because it has a natural diet and swims freely in the open ocean before returning to its native river. The flavour is gamey and the texture creamy with a melt in the mouth flavour enhanced by just a hint of pure oak smoke. This is a rare treat.
Hand sliced - 100g serves 1-2 - £17.95
Hand sliced - 200g serves 3-4 - £34.95
Hand sliced - 400g serves 6-8 - £67.50
Hand sliced side - 900g serves 10-12 - £134.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Potted Shrimp

Potted Shrimps Gold medal winners at the Great Taste Awards, these are plump, sweet and encased in clarified butter infused with lemon balm and spring onion. A fantastic starter. Serve at room temperature so the butter melts into your toast. The 225g pot is presented in a reusable Kilner jar.
70g pot serves 1 - £5.50
225g jar serves 3-5 - £12.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - Potted Lobster

Potted Lobster An award-winning Forman's classic. The best cooked meat is selected and potted with lobster-infused clarified butter in a re-usable Kilner jar. Heavenly with bread or toast. An impressive starter for a dinner party.
225g jar serves 3-5 - £16.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - fish cakes

Homemade Fish Cakes Packed with proper chunks of fresh fish with subtle seasoning. One is a filling meal and they come two to a pack. A simple, satisfying supper for a night off during the festive week. Fry in butter (with a drop of oil to prevent it burning) for 2-3 minutes each side.
Lobster & Salmon Fishcakes 2 x 150g - £7.95
Classic Smoked Haddock Fishcakes 2 x 150g - £5.95
Thai Crab Fishcakes 2 x 150g - £6.95
Hot-smoked Salmon Fishcakes 2 x 150g - £6.50
Taster pack - All 5 varieties, 2 of each flavour - £27.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - wild smoked salmon pate

Wild Scottish Salmon Pate This sensational pate is made with top grade wild Scottish salmon. The resulting pate is a rich treat, ideal for a dinner party starter with Melba toast. Presented in a re-usable Kilner jar.
225g jar Serves 3-5 £8.95

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - smoked salmon pate

Smoked Farmed Salmon Pate Made with superior grade smoked Scottish salmon this versatile pate is perfect for canapes. Glorious on toast, crusty bread, sourdough or just scoop it straight from the tub. Presented in a re-usable Kilner jar.
225g jar Serves 3-5 £4.95

For afters

A.Gold deli, Spitalfields - brandy butter

Brandy Butter This rich sauce, made with unsalted butter and good cognac, would be the perfect accompaniment to one of our Tiptree Christmas Puddings. Presented in a reusable kilner jar.
225g jar serves 6-8 - £6.50

Ordering information

Please order the following items by Tuesday 15th December: Alderton Ham, Honey-roast Ham, Festive Game Pie and Suffolk Pork Pie.

All other items can be ordered with 24 hours notice or more - up to 23rd December. We are open for collection of orders up to and including Christmas Eve.

We will have mince pies from early December (and to order at any time) and cheeses from Wednesday 16th December.

Please telephone 020 7247 2487, email or drop in to place your order.

Baskets can be made up in the shop - just select the size of basket and the items you would like and we will pack it for you while you wait. If we can't make it up immediately we will ask you to pop back to collect. If you are thinking of a large order, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sorry, we are unable to deliver (unless you live round the corner - in which case invite us in for a glass of sherry).

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Christmas Hampers & Baskets - A.Gold deli, Spitalfields London

This Christmas we are offering a selection of lined open baskets to fill with goodies from the shop.

The baskets are sturdy and will provide good storage long after their contents have been consumed.

Once you've selected your items (which really must include a sugar mouse) we can supply wood straw and pack and cover them in clear cellophane for you, whilst you wait.

Remember, as well as items from the shelves you can also select fresh goods to be added to your basket - a cut of one of our farmhouse cheeses or H Forman's smoked salmon perhaps?

Christmas Hampers & Baskets - A.Gold deli, Spitalfields London A.Gold sugar mouse

Perfect for Christmas

Mulled Wine Spices

A.Gold - Christmas Mulled Wine Spices

We use Old Hamlet Spice & Wine Co sachets to make a deliciously spicy hot mulled wine. The contents of this bag smells and tastes just like Christmas.

It takes only approx. 5 mins to make.


1 bottle full-bodied red wine, ginger wine or grape juice
1 sachet mulled wine spices
2 tablespoons castor sugar


Pour one bottle of your preferred red wine (or other drink) into a saucepan, add sugar and one sachet of Old Hamlet mulled wine spices and heat gently for a delicious and potent mulled wine. Do not boil the wine as it will evaporate the alcohol. For special occasions add a dash of brandy and sliced fruit; oranges and lemons are perfect.

A.Gold - London Honey Company Mead


This medium dry floral Mead is made with Shropshire Ling Heather honey by the London Honey Company.

One of the oldest (some say the oldest) fermented drinks, English Mead is a unique and special drink, made from honey and traditionally given to a newly married couple for them to drink at their wedding and for a month afterwards - hence the word 'honeymoon'.

In warmer weather it is lovely over ice and in winter mulled with spices or orange and ginger. It goes well with strong Cheddar cheese and is a great accompaniment to desserts. Try adding two-thirds tonic and a squeeze of fresh lime for a cocktail.

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